Guest Groups Fall Finds for Your Home

While I am still hanging onto the last warm days of summer, fall is inevitably on its way in. It is possible to tell from the evening light and the figs and melons popping up at the farmers’ markets. In this group, I assembled some incredibly promising fall home products from a number of my favorite spots around the internet to help usher a little warmth into these inevitably cooler times ahead. — Megan from A Sweet Spoonful


Manzanita Wreath – $49.95

Leafy spirals of faux manzanita limbs make an understated yet beautiful autumn.


Citrine Linen Tea Towels Lara – $29.99

Pure linen tea towels make time at the kitchen simpler (and more beautiful). This set of two absorbs moisture well and leaves behind no trace of lint.


DanskĀ® Kobenstyle Red Butter Warmer – $39.95

A colorful butter warmer from Dansk could just become a must-have season. Imagine idle autumn evenings and piles of pancakes. Enough said.


Palm Leaf Basket Sets – $110

Fall fruits have a new residence in such lightweight palm leaf baskets.

Gracious Home

Peugeot Oliver Roellinger Beechwood Peppermill – $100

This is certainly a splurge as far as pepper grinders move, but it’s the Cadillac of them all. Formed from one thick block of beechwood, this brilliant grinder lets you grind a whole hopper of a few at at time. And it seems pretty nice wile doing so.

Three Potato Four

Collection of Small Antique Bottles

A pair of three randomly selected little antique bottles is just calling for fall blooms and some prime property on your dining room table.

West Elm

Woven Felt Baskets – $29

Getting organized never seemed so great! These sturdy felt baskets come in an assortment of sizes and will help corral those back-to-school (or work) newspapers in one defined spot.

Alder & Co..

Handmade Measuring Spoons – $35

A broad spectrum of amber fall tones graces these handmade measuring spoons. They are as magnificent as they are practical.


Dipped Glaze Canisters – $79.95

In abundant pine tones, these gorgeous stoneware canisters will house all your fall baking utensils in one stylish spot. Recalling the fashion of handmade French antiques, this collection of three is considerably more affordable (and dishwasher safe).

Pottery Barn

Ellsworth Entertaining Buffet – $999

Crafted of gmelina wood, this rustic amusing buffet includes a warm demeanor and could easily welcome guests into any fall get-together.

Restoration Hardware

1920s French Drafting Table – $795

What greater way is there to catch those fall colors than by sitting at this replica of a 1920s French drafting table. It’s possible to adjust the angles to fit you perfectly. Use it like a writing, reading, painting or phone-chatting desk — or even a mixture of all four.


Keys Rug – $349

This rug is enchanting with its off-kilter stripes and mod tones. It makes for a fast wake up and transition into collapse for almost any room in the home.

Brook Farm General Store

Anglepoise Original 1227, Red – $250

This classic British Anglepoise table or desk lamp is famous for its springy nature, letting it light any nook or cranny.

Vermont Rolling Pins

Acorn Rolling Pin – $64

Vermont Rolling Pins is a fantastic company specializing in hand-forged rolling pins. You pick the design and the wood (cherry, maple or walnut), and they’ll take care of the rest. Making apple pies this season could not be more enjoyable.

Heath Ceramics

Single Stem Vase, Olive – $78.50

Designed to fit a single stem perfectly, this Heath Ceramics vase includes timeless shaping and timeless design.


Monroe Pillows – $39.95

Plush, wealthy, fall-hued pillows add a bit of something new into your living area without breaking the bank.

Sundance Catalog

Salt & Vinegar Redwood Bench – $595

This reclaimed redwood bench includes a special, almost grey throw from curing in salt and vinegar. Place it out or indoors for a rustic, earthy, lived-in resting spot for anything from shoes and papers into picnic fixings.


Wood Classics Tulip Salad Bowl – $72

A classically shaped acacia wood salad bowl will be a go-to in your kitchen whatever the season.

Simon Pearce

Thetford Globe Candleholders – $65

As the days gradually get briefer, these lovely globes will keep smaller living spaces brighter using their clear glass.


Le Creuset Classic Round Dutch Oven | Williams Sonoma – $140

Ushering in fall roasts, soups, and casseroles could not be simpler with these durable, timeless Le Creuset Dutch ovens.

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