Guest Groups: Cartoon-Free Finds for Children

My two sons share a space, and I am finally redecorating it this summer. I am trying to integrate fun in their room without going bonkers using mass-marketed cartoon personalities — OK, fine, I’m avoiding them altogether. I will use bright colors and fun modern styling instead to make the planet’s coolest kids’ pad. Here, I chose items for both boys and girls that could work equally well in the rest of the house, just in case you switch things up a little down the road. — Jenny from Hank and Hunt

Room Service

Children’ Ball Chair – $495

What one would not want to see a novel in his own nook?

House & Hold

Jennifer Delonge Muse Child Sofa – $699

Mini furniture for miniature people is the bee’s knees. It doesn’t get much cuter than that. I must opt for the bright green, but you can get it in a selection of fabrics.

House & Hold

Ferm Living Dollhouse – $200

This is simple, modern and fun. I would use this as a bookcase in a boy’s room. Obviously, it would make a fantastic dollhouse too!

H!p Hooray

Watercolours EcoGarland – $9.99

No room is complete without some sort of fun garland. Period. These reusable and eco-friendly lovelies are fun in a rainbow of shades.


Stacking Rattan Table Bookcase Set Circa 1960s Blond Midcentury By Nachokitty – $375

These classic cubes are stackable and rearrangeable. Make two, three or four. I would probably repaint them in a bright colour.

Urban Outfitters

Herringbone Rug – $79

Bold designs really are a excellent selection for kids’ rooms. Additionally, the herringbone print creates a fantastic parking space for cars.

The Land of Nod

I only got these for your boys. There is something about getting their little heads in the clouds that I love. I’m fully debating on whether to get a few for myself.

School Outfitters

Flat Shelf Book Truck – $252.99

Here is a craft cart in a cool summer green. We can store away the crafts in a different room and transfer it where ever we needed. This is also cute enough to stay out in the dining room.

School Outfitters

Single-Sided Easel – $62.88

A plain and easy easel — no weird pieces of plastic ! It’s clean and modern.

The Land of Nod

Pink And Green Chevron Stripe Duvet Cover – $79

Pink for girls does not need to be frilly. I love the colors in this duvet.


TARVA Chest With Five Drawers – $99

This easy wood dresser is ready to paint any color. I would coat it in chalkboard paint.

Urban Outfitters

Amigo Table – $34

This is fun in nightstand form.

School Outfitters

100 Series Preschool Chair With Chrome Legs – $14.88

This classic preschool chair comes in a wide range of colors. It is indestructible, which is obviously great for little ones.

Urban Outfitters

Tufted Corduroy Floor Pillow – $39

Everyone who has children knows you will need floor pillows. If you need to look at it strewn across the ground, then make it pretty.

Learner Supply

Economy Rolling Free Standing Chalkboard, Black With Wood Easel – $344.91

Why don’t you add a giant chalkboard? It is on my wish list and I know the boys will love to get this. It’s made of wood, just like the hard-to-find classic ones.

The Land of Nod

Monarch Dresser – $799

Kid dressers are often dull or too childlike, but that has a modern classic edge. I love it.

The Land of Nod

Hue-Nited Nations Map – $99

Here’s the trendiest world map in a rainbow of colors.

Room Service

Children Eames Style Bucket Chair – $60

I’m getting this kind of chair in white for my dining room. Matching little ones for your miniature ones? Yes, please.

The Land of Nod

Alouette Pillow Sham – $39

Frilly scallops in bright orange — girly, but quirky. It’s perfect.


Vintage Dresser, Emerald Green from Mint Home – $325

Following is a classic vest in gorgeous emerald green. This may work for boys or girls, which is great if you aren’t finished with your brood.

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