What Are the Features of a Seagrass Rug?

After traveling out of a saltwater marsh in Asia to become an eco-friendly floor covering, seagrass give you a natural fiber carpet with low maintenance care. The grassy appearance resembles neutral-colored hay and harmonizes with distinct color schemes for a airy look. Seagrass rugs come in many different weave patterns, like a diamond weave, to match the room’s decor. Pair your biodegradable covering with a indoor carpet pad to provide a durable, cushioned layer to protect your floor and extend the life span of your seagrass rug.

Seagrass Characteristics

Seagrass fibers have a waxy coating with a smooth feel and natural sheen. Impermeable to water, these thick fibers reveal minimum watermarks and stains. Fresh seagrass might appear light sage green and slowly age to a tan or khaki color. This variegated color and feel give the carpet a fresh look. Dirt does not cling to the wax coat, and settles to the weave for fast removal through vacuuming. Seagrass also provides sound insulation, an added plus in high traffic locations.

Rooms for the Rug

This carpet’s durable fibers suit the living area, dining area and bedroom. Seagrass also works as a runner to your high heeled hall. In contrast to pile carpets or rugs, seagrass has minimum nap and reveals small crushing. Binding materials include canvas, linen and leather to present a clean finish to the borders. Depending on the manufacturer, the seagrass carpet may include a natural latex backing for stability.

Seagrass Care

Your carpet’s nonporous fibers wash clean with a moist cloth. Blot a spill with the fabric, and avoid rubbing the stain in the weave. Lift solids with a dull knife. Heal stubborn stains with mild soap on a damp cloth, then dry with a hair dryer or fan, if necessary. Vacuum the area rug with a solid brush suction. Test vacuum first on a small section with distinct suction configurations, like for area rugs, if at all possible. Vacuum in different directions over several moves to suction the loose dirt out of the weave, and vacuum canvas and linen bindings in the direction of the stitches to prevent pulling and also to maintain the edging. Wipe with a damp cloth over a leather binding, or employ a leather cleaner based on the manufacturer’s directions. Do not steam clean or shampoo your own seagrass rug.

Facing the Elements

Before you purchase a seagrass carpet, bear in mind that high humidity can cause mold, mildew and other problems with the organic fibers. Mold and mildew seem unsightly and, more importantly, can affect your wellbeing. Ask the sales staff to recommend the best solution to remove these issues. For example, use protective gloves and mix a recommended solution at a mist sprayer; mist the concentrated place and operate the weave with a brush, but do not mist the binding. Follow the directions for drying the moist area within a time range, if necessary.

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