The Way to Apply Shine to Marble Tables

Marble tables come in all shapes and colours, but they generally share at least one thing in common: a glossy shine that is . Over time, however, that glow starts to fade, making the marble look cluttered and dull. Scratch marks and acidic cleansers can make your marble table look older than it really is. A professional stone-resurfacing session fixes the problem but it is a solution. By polishing your marble dining table , if you’d rather save your cash, you’ll receive comparable results.

Fill a small bowl with warm water, then add a couple drops of liquid dish soap.

Moisten a cloth then wipe the marble table down to remove debris and dirt. Wet another material with water that is fresh, then wipe the table.

While it’s still damp, sprinkle a small amount of powder, like tin oxide, over the surface of the desk.

Rub the powder into the marble using a cloth. Use a buffing pad attached to a power drill. Marble-polishing powder provides shine and eliminates marks.

Combine 2-3 tablespoons of baking soda with 1 quart of warm water in case the marble nevertheless appears dull. Dampen a cloth then wipe the table down with it. Allow it to dry.

Dip a cloth into smashed white chalk, then wipe the marble down. Wipe the table then wash it quickly.

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