John Deere 455 Garden Tractor Information

The John Deere 455 garden tractor does not have a taxi. It’s available with 48-inch, 54-inch and 60-inch mower decks, and comes with regular 2-wheel steering and optional 4-wheel steering. The John Deere 455 has hydrostatic power steering with optional all-wheel steering. The 881-cubic inch Yanmar 3-cylinder diesel engine delivers 22-horsepower with 3350 rounds per minute.

Steering, Transmission and Brakes

Models with 2-wheel steering possess a turning radius 2.16 feet. Models with all-wheel steering can turn in 1.76 feet. The hydrostatic transmission on 2-wheel steering holds 7 quarts of John Deere non viscosity HY-GARD J20D oil. Models with 4-wheel steering 6 quarts.The version 455 has wet disk brakes.


The John Deere 455 tractors with 2-wheel steering weigh 9,650 lbs. 1,060 lbs are weighed by models with all-wheel steering. The tractor is 75 inches , 48 inches wide and 51.2 inches high. Models with 2-wheel steering possess a 54.4-inch wheelbase compared to 49.4 inches for versions with steering.

Engine and Electric

The engine communicates 18 power-take-off (PTO) horsepower into the mower deck and other attachments. Its piston bore and stroke are 2.83 by 2.83 inches. Its tank holds 6 1/2 gallons. The engine holds 3 quarts of oil and 3 quarts of coolant. The cold-cranking 12-volt number 1 battery cold cranks 470 amps.

Tires and Power Attachents

The John Deere 455 yard tractor demands lawn/turf front tires at 18-by-18.50-8 or 16-by-16.50.8 dimensions and lawn/turf rear tires at 23-by-8.50-12 or 23-by-10.50-12 sizes. The 2-valve Gorotor hydraulic system pumps 4.65 g per second at 1,000 pounds per square inch. A hydraulic clutch operates the independent rear PTO in 540 rounds per minute (rpm). The leading PTO, additionally controlled by means of a hydraulic clutch, runs at 2000 rpm. It’s possible to attach a wide blade that weighs 50 lbs. The optional 580-pound loader includes a 48-inch wide bucket using a 0.23-yard capacity.

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