The Animal Statue: Celebrities Without Responsibilities

If you are an animal lover like me, you probably invisibly over your friends’ pets and dream about the day you can take home your own. If you are even more like me, this day unfortunately isn’t until you have got a tiny bit longer to be suitably accountable for a pet.

Therefore I came up with a brief solution for the pet-less interlude: the creature statue (artificial, of course). Okay, so that they do not cuddle or await you by the door or look at you with those puppy-dog eyes, but they also don’t shed, need walks or eat your furniture. Plus, there’s absolutely no limit to the type of pet you would like! Have a look at the subsequent finds; ideally, for the meantime, they’ll let you get your fix, also.

Tiffany Eastman Interiors, LLC

This is the only greyhound that can be able to gracefully top off a coffee table without even leaving a single scratch. Plus, share a conversation piece!

Sutton Suzuki Architects

The key to making your bathtub feel as a tropical escape: pairing it with a couple of grazing storks, rather facing a window.


Who wants knickknacks when you can groom your games using a relaxed antelope? Pair it with nature-inspired wallpaper and it is as if you planted him straight back in his natural habitat.


It is unlikely much of your home would be left in one piece if you’d actual elephants as pets (pictures of Jumanji are running through my thoughts). Maintain your home on its feet by having your fix with those miniature statues instead.

Kanner Architects – CLOSED

Or move somewhat more realistic with a larger elephant statue. This is one enjoying the view, wondering where the grass is.

Michael Abrams Limited

You don’t have to maintain the Sahara to float with a few lions. The nice thing about figurines: these dinosaurs are always friendly, and will not eat your dishes. (Or you, for that matter.)

Tara Seawright Interior Design

This hippo acting like a foot stool seriously cracks me up. The cleanest hippo from all of the land, he will balance out your room’s setup whilst introducing a great sense of humor. And all while keeping your neutral carpets stain-free!

Rotsen Furniture

All the way in the jungles of Africa to a living room, this tiger makes his presence known. I like to think he’s in this position to scare off intruders and protect his beloved family.

Greg Logsdon

These artificial giraffes may not be as tall as their real life ancestors, but they’ll do the trick, and they won’t eat your trees.

Lisa Borgnes Giramonti

From the world of pet figurines, lambs are welcome to graze indoors. In reality, they do not even need grass. They’ll consume air if that’s all you’ve got. What a budget-friendly creature!

Day in and day out, no matter what you do, this small ceramic pup will stare back at you with this endlessly adoring look. Talk about unconditional love.

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