The best way to Put Netting Over Blueberry Bushes

Birds love blueberries just just as much as you will not abandon your crop until the fruit is gone and do. The only sensible solution is to web your bush all the way through and make sure there aren’t any gaps, as your barrier will be probed by birds relentlessly till they discover one. Netting may be received in widths of up to 14 feet, and also you need to get netting with openings of 1/2 inch or less. Therefore birds can not achieve to get your berries it should be installed on a body.

Place the four T-posts equidistant from each other across the bush in order that they tap them to the floor a foot or two out of the perimeter of the Tree Service trimming Phoenix and form a square. Make sure the posts are planted to resist stress that is continuous.

Position one conclusion of a PVC pipe to ensure that it overlaps the top-end of the posts of one by about 6″. The bulk of the pipe should be in the air over the post. Wire or tie it securely ensuring it is well-wrapped over the 6″ of overlap.

Bend the end of the pipe diagonally over the bush to the post in the corner and wire it with 6″ of overlap in place, just as you did the other conclusion.

So you have a dome crossing each other in a point over the very best of the bush, tie the pipe to the two posts in the same manner.

Tie the pipes in the purpose where they fulfill.

Measure from your underside of a post over and up its pipe and down to the floor on the other post and add 2-feet to that particular measurement.

Cut two-pieces of netting to the size you just measured.

Drape the netting within the dome so the two items cross each other as well as the bottom of the newly-made tent satisfies the floor evenly round the perimeter.

Tie the netting to the pipes and fence-posts with string, Tie it in several areas and tie the two-pieces of netting to every other to to create a sleek barrier without any openings.

Place weights or rocks in order that they hold the base of the netting contrary to the floor. There ought to be no openings where other animals or birds could possibly get inside.

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