Pine Cones: Not Just for Christmas

Odds are that the last time you saw a pine cone at someone’s house, it had been on a mantel bedecked for the holidays. Even though these beauties tend to get tossed back outside or tucked away after the New Year, that is a missed chance — their sculptural silhouette and intricate detail can add captivating notes of texture and shape all year . And since they are located in so many distinct shapes and sizes, it’s easy to tailor them into the arrangement which is most appropriate for your space.

Another incentive: Pine cones are roughly as budget-friendly since it receives. But, we do not advocate removing them from parks or other public reasons (in some places, that is even prohibited ). Instead, collect fallen ones from your lawn or friends’ lawns, or source both artificial and real specimens through garden, crafts and nature retailers.

Jeanette Lunde

A sweetly simple wreath on a nursery doorway is an unexpected touch. Wouldn’t this make a fun baby gift? The natural look blends nicely with this setting, but you might paint the cones pink, blue or some other color you like.

Tying pine cones into a pair of traditional sconces is a great way to pull the rough-hewn texture of this dressing up into the space.

Rachel Reider Interiors

This distance highlights strong shapes and visual allure, and pine cones (real or otherwise) make perfect sense. The console needs an element to floor it and give it weight, and the scale of these cones establishes a visual tie together with the mirror.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

The silver-painted pine cone makes this arrangement; it is the bridge between the germ glass and the wood tones. Spin this idea in almost any direction. For example, a coating of bright lacquer would make pine cones pop in a contemporary setting.

Jeanette Lunde

At a vignette where every component is about line and shape, peekabo cones add a pitch-perfect note. The wooden box brings out their rugged side; at a sleeker vessel, they would read as a whole lot more compact.

Jennifer Grey Interiors Design & Color Specialist

Pine cones are plentiful in this dining room, where a ladder stands in for shelving. This is one instance where they are best left in their normal condition. A coating of paint, flocking or another remedy would look jarring in this rustic space.

How frequently do you see pine trees at a beach home? Yet it is an inspired idea — their form and texture are like the flip side of an intriguing shell.

Cozy Little Residence

Spring planting is right round the corner, so file this idea away for warm weather. Baby pinecones nestle in mini terra-cotta pots in this container garden. It’s an enjoyable change of pace from leaves and blossoms.

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