Decorate With Intention: Lift a Room's Mood With Color

Color consultants, designers and researchers have spent years studying the effect of color on mood, behavior and even productivity at work. It is a fascinating field, but if you’re anything like me it sounds the more I learn, the more there’s to know. Luckily, we are well equipped to make decisions regarding color in our homes because we could tap into the energy of our personal experiences and style. This week we’ll be discussing creative tips for using color to enhance our own lives in the home. Let us begin.

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Can you end up feeling more relaxed in the cool blue of your favorite café? Or feeling on edge on your friend’s red dining area? It is possible the colors surrounding you’re affecting how you’re feeling.

Let us take a look at a few of the most common color associations:

Red: high energy, powerful, occasionally mad, which makes your heart beat faster

Orange: social, joyful, extroverted, happy

Yellow: optimism, clarity

Green: color of nature, balance, peace

Blue: restful, serene, profoundly relaxing, beneficial for sleep

Violet: creativity, intuition

This listing is by no means exhaustive; it is intended to be a jumping-off stage to spark your thoughts on color. Have a moment if you like to jot down your impressions.

Take it room by room.

This short exercise is intended to get you thinking about the mood that you want to make in various areas of your home. Pull out a laptop and make a list of every room in your house, describing what feeling that you wish to promote in each area. Also notice any thoughts you have on color. For instance, from the tub I’d love to cultivate a feeling of calmness and utter relaxation.

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Use rich color inspired by journeys.

Have you ever come home from a trip and suddenly felt your house to be lacking oomph? I know I’ve. If the rich colors of a holiday spot have left an enduring impression on you, why not consider bringing a little the spirit to your home? You might not wish to completely overhaul your distance, however even painting a small research or alcove in a vibrant shade can create a large effect.

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Pull from character’s color palettes.

If choosing color for your house has you feeling a bit intimidated, consider looking to nature for inspiration. When you find a vista, garden or landscape that inspires you, then snap a photo or clip a photograph from a magazine. I had been drawn to the feathery pink plants paired with greenery in this backyard.

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Translate your inspiration into an area strategy.

The next step would be pulling inspiration from the landscape to make your room. I’d bring the pink of that feathery plant in with a gentle pink wall shade and deeper pink seat, contrasted with a little bit of fresh green and deep brown to get a joyous, feminine vibe.

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Give a color another chance.

For the longest time, I had been convinced I did not like red in interiors. I have to have seen a few really horrible or overdone examples of crimson that put me off it entirely. But now I really appreciate it. For instance, the clear tomato crimson of these cabinets brightens the rustic wood within this open-plan kitchen.

In case you’ve written off a color entirely, I’m not saying you’ll inevitably ever love it, but you never know. Maintain an open mind and you may be pleasantly surprised.

Dreamy Whites

Creamy shades count.

On the other hand, for a number of us color is best admired from afar. If your heart goes pitter-patter for clean, crisp whites, flouncy double Devon cream and palest taupe, go with this! A light-filled interior piled with varied shades of white and rich textures could be equally as exciting as a color-saturated house.

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Get your wheels turning.

A few more prompts to assist you started:

• Are you currently a rich-color lover in your mind but reside in a white box?

• Which colors make you immediately happier?

• How do you react to bright or bold color?

• have you got any strong color dislikes?

Think back on a few of your favorite memories. Which colors do you associate with these days?

I hope this has sparked your imagination and given you some food for thought on bringing color into your home. Now I would love to hear from you.

Inform me Are you currently a color fan or do you prefer white and neutrals? Have any painting horror stories or great successes to discuss? How would you like the colors on your house to make you feel?

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