The best way to Germinate a Ficus

The genus Ficus, generally called fig, includes over 800 800 species of trees and shrubs. Many crops in the Ficus genus bear seeds which do not need. Where powerful light and temperatures are plentiful plants do best in greenhouse or tropical problems. Some ficus types, including F. carcia, can endure in U.S. Department of Agriculture zone 5 with some winter safety. Others, including F. Aurea, develop best in USDA zones 9a through Ficus can develop in the lawn in San Diego as a full size Tree Service companies Fort Lauderdale, FL in case it is permitted by your environment .

Drop the ficus seeds in a glass of water to decide which are fertile and which seeds are sterile. Seeds sink to the underside. Discard floating, seeds that are sterile.

Fill a container with seed sowing mix that is peat.

Sow the ficus seeds on the the top of blend. Don’t protect; the seeds require light to germinate. Water carefully to moisten the soil.

If temperatures are above 77 degrees Fahrenheit set the container outside in full sunlight or partial shade. Keep the container indoors if temperatures are too low.

Keep the soil moist; don’t permit it to dry. Germination requires between 15 and 3 months.

When the 2nd set of correct leaves, or leaves, seem transplant seedlings into individual containers.

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