Dip Into Chartreuse for Intoxicating Interiors

Chartreuse is a glowing, eye-catching color that’s halfway between green and yellow. I have a tendency to like shades like this, those in between two main colors, due to their versatility. Chartreuse does not disappoint on visual effect, making great pairings with grays, purples, blues and oranges.

Then there is the title itself, a French word that only sounds fancy and refined. As it happens, the title”chartreuse” has a long time. It comes from a liqueur made by monks in the French Alps. As you probably already guessed, the color of this liqueur is a beautiful, clear yellow-green. The monks have been making the herbal liqueur for 400 years; it’s known due to their Grande Chartreuse monastery. Three monks in the order every know only a third of this recipe, and every monk has taken a vow to never reveal his third of the components.

Obviously designers, as well as the monks, are cool to the visual power of chartreuse. Have a peek at these intoxicating spaces which will leave you tipsy for chartreuse.

Karen Viscito Interiors

Chartreuse is great for an accent wall. Here this accent wall is paired with overscale artwork and modern, gray club seats. Note how great the purple at the artwork looks with chartreuse.

Texas Construction Company

Have fun with it! Chartreuse stained hardwood floors — why not? I always admire courageous selections like this. Notice the contrast it generates to what it touches. It feels just like sun coming from underfoot.

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This bright and airy kitchen could make me energized and ready to go daily. With a bold color like this gold chartreuse on cupboards, there is no need to go large on details. Note the simple Shaker style doors along with the slick, modern hardware which create a perfect balance with this striking color.

Capoferro Design Build Group

A chartreuse accent wall transforms this modern and neutral space, adding a color from nature to the gorgeous stain-grade ceiling and cabinets.

Tewes Design

Chartreuse is the perfect color for a palette that is whimsical also reveals its versatility in this playful nursery. Add color to a space by painting a square of vivid color on a wall.

Texas Construction Company

Here is an example of a complex chartreuse and gray pairing. This outdoor color palette feels modern and tidy. Note the way the chartreuse repeats at the trim of the window screens.

Chelsea Atelier Architect

This modern kitchen space employs chartreuse as an accent color, now with furniture. The intriguing thing about this space is that the mix of finishes: hickory-tone floors, in-wall white, charcoal gray cabinets and frosted glass details.

Cynthia Mason Interiors

These classic Panton chairs are available in many colors, but my favorite is chartreuse. I like this space but do not think it could be as interesting without these seats. This is an ideal example of the visual effect of this color, daring in a minimum manner.

Natalie Younger Interior Design, Allied ASID

This quaint breakfast room has great texture and comparison supplied by the wall covering and the molded, white plastic Eames chair. The high-gloss, chartreuse lacquer on the low sideboard adds the main color splash among the neutrals. Notice how great the orange from the artwork appears mixed in with chartreuse and brown.

Bliss Design

A chartreuse chandelier to illuminate your meals seems good and looks even better. This is one grand announcement and the only thing needed to make a memorable space. If you are contemplating one grand announcement for your house, light is the response.

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