Your Floor: Two Tiles to Love

The first article in this series explored ratings for ceramic tile, using a variety of kinds of tile for comparison. Two more choices fall outside conventional tile categorizations: quarry tile and cement tile.

Neither substance is a new class, although both are experiencing a resurgence in their use. Quarry tile has been some of the earliest, mass-produced floor tile accessible, and cement tile first appeared in Southern France in the late 19th century.

Quarry tile is worth considering due to its resilience and relatively low cost — generally between $3 and $5 a square foot.

Cement tile warrants consideration for its long life and jaw-dropping, distinctive beauty. It normally retails for between $9 and $17 a square foot. Have a look:

Avente Tile

Cement tile

Pros: Beautiful patters and colours, highly resilient
Disadvantages: Absorbs water, so be careful using it outside
Price: $9-$17 per square foot
Suggested applications: Living areas, halls, kitchens and baths

Cement tile is a through-body color tile. By that I mean its surface finish is the same throughout the entire piece of tile.

Avente Tile

As its name implies, it’s made from pigmented portland cement and can be treated in a hydraulic press.

Avente Tile

It’s good to be used in high ranking locations, but be careful when using it outside. If you reside in a climate where temperatures go below freezing in winter, cement tile’s better used indoors.

Avente Tile

Few substances offer the sorts of colours and patterns available in cement tile, so it has a tendency to steal the show.

Buckminster Green LLC

It’s nearly as beautiful when used on walls since it’s on floors. This kitchen is made by the bold pattern on the walls, do not you believe?

Filmore Clark

Cement tile’s classic and avante garde at precisely the exact same time. Few substances can make that claim.

Quarry tile – $4

Quarry tile
Pros: Holds around just about anything
Disadvantages: Limited possibilities for colours and sizes
Price: $3-$5 per square foot
Suggested uses: Indoor-outdoor, entrances, kitchens and baths

Quarry tile is a high-fire, ceramic tile that’s always unglazed. It’s distinct from the glazed tile you are used to seeing because it’s extruded instead of cast from a mould. Extruding clay to generate tile is similar in a great deal of methods to squeezing icing out of a pastry bag.

American Olean

American Olean – Freedom of Expression – $4

Quarry tile is a highly resilient flooring material. It’s the first”through body” tile; like cement tile, its surface finish is the same throughout the entire piece of tile.

There is no leading glaze on quarry tile, so there is nothing to wear off in high ranking places. This makes it a fantastic flooring material for entryways and kitchens.

Quarry tile is all but impervious to water, so it’s ideal for use outside or in moist places.

If you’re looking for a flooring material that is long-lasting, simple to maintain and distinct from what is expected, quarry and cement tile might be the product that you’ve been waiting for.

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