What Is the Best Bathroom Faucet to Go With My Dark Cherry Wood Vanity?

Dark cherry vanities are cooler in tone compared to vanities in organic cherry, so a warm or bright tap will offset the vanity, while a dark tap will coordinate with this. Faucets in chrome or polished nickel offer tonal contrast with dark cherry, since does brushed nickel. Sharing cherry wood’s reddish undertone, rose-gold faucets will coordinate in tone-on-tone bathrooms. Brass and gold faucets provide warmer options to get a dark cherry vanity, especially in bathrooms with warm colour schemes. And the vanity top’s hue will perform a pivotal role in your choice of faucet.

Chrome and Nickel

In a high-contrast toilet, a tap in cool chrome juxtaposes aggressively with the tone of a dark cherry vanity, as does an exposed-bowl sink in crisp, bright porcelain. Polished nickel affords a warmer substitute for shiny chrome, while a brushed-nickel faucet includes a softer sheen and a green undertone that complements a dark cherry vanity, since green and cherry red autumn on opposite sides on the colour wheel. A brushed-nickel faucet mixes having a granite vanity top in light green-gray; the vanity top’s mild tone brings out the deep richness in a dark cherry vanity.

Oil-Rubbed Bronze

Because it’s a reddish undertone, a tap in dark, rich oil-rubbed bronze creates a natural partner for a vanity in dark cherry, especially when the vanity top features a mild tone of granite in precisely the same hue family, like mild warm gray, light taupe or alabaster, all of which have red or pink undertones. A porcelain vanity top offers sharper contrast using a tap in oil-rubbed bronze. The tap’s deep, red casting establishes a visual link with the dark cherry vanity, and matching hardware blends using the vanity dark hue.

Brass and Warm Gold

For warm bathrooms, featuring comparable hues on precisely the same side of the color wheel, gold or brass faucets harmonize with cherry red. A cherry vanity cool, dark colour offsets warm granite vanity-top colours like yellow ochre, tan, honey, honey and mustard, all of which meld with different gold faucets. A tan or honey-gold vanity top blends using the orange undertone in antique-gold faucets, while the green cast of a yellow-ochre or mustard vanity top blends using a brass faucet, but both golds deliver striking contrast with the dark cherry vanity.

Rose Gold

A tap in rose gold adds sparkle into your tone-on-tone colour scheme with shades in the family, like a vanity in dark cherry. The reddish-pink undertone in a rose-gold tap coordinates using the dark cherry’s reddish tone. A vanity top in pinkish adobe mixes with the rose-gold faucet, while an alabaster vanity top comes with a pink cast that gently offsets the rose gold-faucet, though both vanity tops deliver maximum tonal comparison with a vanity in a deep shade of cherry, especially with cupboard hardware that matches the gold of the tap.

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