What is Occurred to it Room

Together with the largest TV-viewing day of the year it got me pondering about Television rooms. After all, in the age of “Mad Guys,” you were so happy with the video that you named a chamber after it.

Now in house layout it appears like there are two extremes. There’s the “conceal that gruesome hunk of electronic equipment!” philosophy. On the flipside, there’s the “I calculate my manhood by how big my display”, Russell Simmons theatre in my crib, media space is essential school of thought. Let us have a look at equally, from concealed sets to most recognized.

Modern House Theatre

Although it is observed but is really incorporated into the layout. I believe it is an aquarium, if I squint.

90 degress rotates and slides into an integrated! Someone put LOTS of thought into concealing this established!

Garret Cord Werner Architects & Inside Designers

No Television dining table because of this plasma screen. It is not low and taken care of, and all its parts are concealed from vision.

SchappacherWhite Architecture D.P.C.

I discovered this picture by seeking “Television Area” I ‘ve checked out this picture about 100 times and not seen the Video before!

James Woolum Style Inc.

Here it seems to be a part of a galley-like environment.

Harrell Remodeling, Inc.

It is a spot I where I ‘d truly prefer to to stay in and see lots of TV. Everything in the chamber is oriented to the established.


Their video is seriously loved by this man. Can not you just see some man seeing “his narratives” in a large bubble bathtub.

Brooklyn Limestone

If this frame occupation that is dry does not observe the video, I have no idea what does!

Buttrick Wong Architects

Becoming larger…


… and larger….

Scott Cornelius Architect

…. and larger yet in the woods(?)…

InterDesign Studio

There’s still cozy furniture although it is just like a theatre display.

Richens Models, Inc.

It’s huge!


Is this in somebody residence? What is up with the stalagtites (stalagmites? I never get that correct).


Me am diverting !

La Scala

David Ludwig – Architect

Sorry, but this one wins as my favourite TV room. Lots of windows using a see, a cozy sofa, a fireplace, maybe not every thing is oriented to the Video – it is perfect!