What Color Do You Paint a Bedroom With Red Sheets?

The powerful, primary color red evokes high energy, powerful emotions and endurance. In a bedroom, where rest and relaxation are the goal, the power of crimson needs equilibrium. In this area the bed, the walls, the floor and the ceiling are the largest shade places. A carefully planned design balances and subdues the power of red bedding by exploiting its natural beauty and appeal to make an inviting personal space. There are many variations of crimson — from tomato crimson to cranberry red to burgundy. Identify the exact tone you are working together to ensure a successful design, and pick depending on the space size, furnishing style and your own personal preference.

Pastel Thoughts

Since red is a deeper, more saturated hue, a pastel mixture over the walls will balance the dominant dark subject of the bed and soften the impact of a strong shade. Choose the palest pink mixture of this bedding tone for a romantic and delicate monochromatic color scheme. A pastel sage green mixture will produce a subtle complementary — opposite on the color wheel relationship. Really light buttery yellow is a glowing companion with reddish in an analogous — side by side on the color wheel plan. Paint the ceiling white, adding a small quantity of the wall color, to unify the color scheme. A light shade scheme is particularly attractive in a smaller room.

Jewel-Toned Accent Walls

A golden accent wall behind a bed dressed in crimson sheets indicates elegance and tanning. Paint the rest of the walls creamy white, or a mixture of this gold shade to get a luxurious effect. A pure Kelly green accent wall is stunning when combined with primary red sheets in a complementary color scheme. Paint the rest of the walls and the ceiling white to balance the powerful color combination. A deep blue accent wall behind a bed dressed in crimson sheets with white encompassing walls produces a classic red, white and blue color scheme, perfect for creating a patriotic or a stone motif for your decor.

Innovative Neutral Tones

Moderate the power of red with a soft neutral like light gray to get a trendy, urban influence. If the room size is generous, think about painting one wall a bit slimmer for variety. Woodwork may be the same tone in a smaller area, or bright white for contrast in a bigger area, but keep the ceiling white to raise the nature of this room. A khaki tan shade works exactly the same manner with warmer overtones than the grey. All-white walls and ceiling are also a chance. This alternative will lead to the bed getting a powerful focal pointnevertheless, in the event the windows, bed cover and upholstery feature a red-and-white pattern, the effect will be striking.

Floor Possibilities

A painted floor featuring a red striped border or a reddish stenciled pattern border can turn an often-overlooked shade area to your design focal point. An area rug that comprises the wall color along with the bed sheet shade may also produce a sense of balance in the space. An area rug in a solid tone will subtly lighten or deepen the impact of the painted surfaces to attain equilibrium.

Fabric Attributes

Once you pick the colors for the big painted areas, ensure fabric picks include these colors and the reddish tone of their sheets. Then the fabrics on the windows, upholstery, toss pillows, bed coverlet, skirt and shams will bring about a unified and attractive color scheme.

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