Urns Hold Tremendous Potential for Garden Decorating

There have been odes written about them, plus they have saved everything from wine to cremated ashes. Todaywe typically utilize urns in a range of designs as decoration throughout our houses and in the backyard. Lately large, simple, Mediterranean-style urns have been catching my eye around landscapes. They add curb appeal to entrances, draw the eye as palaces, add color to the garden and serve as fountains. Check out a set of urns which vary from antiques to modern art, together with a few ideas on how to utilize them, to determine if using a large urn in your lawn will be for you.

Randy Thueme Design Inc. – Landscape Architecture

Bring in a splash of color. While this home and its surrounding landscape have many traditional components, the daring outdoor art collection and furnishings surprise and delight. This sculpture takes the conventional urn type, blows it up to immense proportions and brings the eye from all over the lawn because of its bright orange color.

Kikuchi + Kankel Design Group

Create a bold statement. This gigantic urn sculpture is an apt selection for a olive grove, as big urns were traditionally used to store olive oil in places like Italy and Turkey. But I think about this as a urn-inspired sculpture since I doubt a large number of gladiators led by Russell Crowe could carry this thing around filled with olive oil without producing an oily mess.

Kelley & Company Home

Produce a fountain. This designer produced a fountain using three hand-thrown Greek urns against a stone wall along with three spigots.

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Lee Ann Marienthal Gardens

A single urn fountain’s bubbling water invites people to explore a backyard.

Westover Landscape Design, Inc..

Create a focus. A sizable glazed urn performs off all the colors of green in this garden filled with conical citrus trees and rounded boxwood shrubs.

Debora carl landscape layout

Likewise, you may use an urn as a focus in a courtyard or onto a patio.

McHale Landscape Design, Inc..

Some pools go on to”infinity,” while some need a focal point to mark the place where they terminate. This black rectangle is classic because of its comfortable shape, modern because of its placement and dark coloring.

Carolyn Chadwick

Fashion a planter. Urns occupy the distance between the ground and a stone wall here, serving as architectural foundations for climbing vines.

Don Ziebell

Complement stone facades. Antique and recovered building materials were used throughout this Mediterranean-style home in Arizona. The urn’s patina fits right in with all the antique weathered palette.

Secret Gardens

Add an appropriately scaled architectural element. Large palm leaves and other tropical plants could consume many garden statues like a Venus flytrap gobbles insects. This urn’s simple shape doesn’t divert from the contours of the lush and exotic plants.

Carolle Huber Landscape Architecture

Create symmetry. A set of urns glazed in deep blue colors connects a pergola to other components in the landscape, in this way pool.

Jeffrey Gordon Smith Landscape Architecture

Pick up on colours that are overlooked. The ochre of this urn joins together the colours of the arid grasses, the sand and weathered parts of this wooden fence.

Exteriors By Chad Robert

Enhance an entryway’s drama. This set of urns strengthens the symmetry and enhances the exotic feel of this exotic and inviting threshold.

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