The way to Troubleshoot a Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator Model ED5PHE

With the freezer and refrigerator located adjacent to another, the Whirlpool Side by Side Refrigerator version ED5PHE helps make storing fresh and frozen items more convenient. But while it includes a one-year limited warranty, you may encounter problems with your refrigerator which will prevent it from operating properly. Some issues require a professional support call, such as bulb replacement, but you may be able to solve different problems yourself when you familiarize yourself with some of the common troubleshooting procedures.

Power Up

If your refrigerator isn’t running, there may be a problem with its power source. Check that it is plugged directly into a grounded three-prong socket. To guarantee the socket is usable, plug a small appliance such as a hair dryer or lamp to it and see if the appliance turns on. If the outlet isn’t working, examine your home’s fuse box or circuit breaker; replace a blown fuse or reset the breaker if needed. When the fridge has power but nevertheless isn’t operating, be sure that the refrigerator control and also the cooling are both turned from the OFF position.

The Heat Is On

If your fridge is newly installed, then it may take up to 24 hours for it to cool fully, so its temperature may initially seem too hot. Having an old refrigerator, opening the doors often or not shutting them completely may cause its temperature to rise. The fridge may also become warm if you put a large amount of warm food to it at once; allow a few hours for the temperature to regulate itself. When you add the food, then make sure none of it is blocking the air vents.

At the Dark

If your refrigerator’s interior lights do not light, the doors may have been left open for a protracted period. Close to the door to reset the lights. The inside lights may not work when the light bulb burns out or is loose in its socket. Since your version uses LED lights, you must contact Whirlpool for replacement or repair. If your fridge’s dispenser lights aren’t working, check to find out if the light is set to OFF, meaning the light is only going to turn when you press the dispenser lever. To create the light remain on continuously, press the LIGHT ON button. If the dispenser lights are set to ON and don’t light, the bulb might have burnt out. Contact Whirlpool to replace the LED bulb.

Door to Door

If your fridge’s doors are difficult to open, the gaskets may be dirty or sticky. Clean them with warm water and mild dish soap, but be certain that you dry them when you’re done. If the doors will not close completely, check to find out if food packages are blocking it and transfer them away from the door if needed. Examine bins and shelves to determine if they are in proper position, too. If the doors appear uneven, they may require alignment or the refrigerator may need leveling. To align the doors, find the alignment screw at the bottom hinge of the door and use a 5/16-inch wrench to turn it. If you want to elevate the door, then turn it to the right; if you want to lessen the door, turn it to the left. To level the fridge, remove the base grille at its front and find the two leveling screws on both sides of the refrigerator. Use a 1/2-inch hex-head socket to adjust the screws — turn the leveling screw to the right to increase that side of the fridge; turn it to the left to lower the side. Open both doors to be sure they close easily and use a bubble level to guarantee the refrigerator is level.

Watered Down

If your refrigerator’s ice or water dispenser isn’t working, check that it is correctly connected to a water source and the water shutoff valve is fully open. Make sure your home’s water pressure is at least 30 psi, too. Examine the water line for any kinks that will inhibit the supply to the fridge. Examine the fridge’s doors as well, as the dispensers will not work when the doors are open. The dispensers are also secured, so look to find out if the attribute was accidentally engaged. Hold down the UNLOCK button to activate a locked dispenser.