The way to Manually Check an Ice Maker

Your ice maker is an independent appliance that automatically makes ice by relying only on the freezer setting and the electricity supplied to the fridge. If it appears your ice maker is no longer creating ice, then you may manually check it to determine whether the ice maker has failed or if you need to check the water line and inlet valves.

Standard Ice Maker using Wire Arm Sensor

Cut a 6- to 8-inch length of 14-gauge solid electrical wire. Use a pair of wire strippers to remove approximately 1/2 inch of their electric insulation from each end of the cable.

Grab the square cover on the front of your ice maker inside your freezer with your hand. Rock the cover back and forth as you wiggle it away from the front of the ice maker to expose the round gear beneath it.

Find just two small, round openings marked “H” and “T” under the gear. Insert the bare ends of the electric wire into the gaps, so 1 end of this cable is in 1 opening and the opposite end is in the other. The cable overrides the timer and then manually activates the ice maker.

Ice Maker with Paddle Sensor

Remove the ice bin to expose the ice maker. This might require removing a small shelf or door over the bin until you may slip it in the freezer.

Start looking for the ice maker electricity switch. Depending on your model, the switch is located on the wall of the freezer or on the ice maker. Switch off the ice maker for 15 seconds, then flip it back.

Press down on the paddle under the ice mould three times. This will override the timer and then manually trigger the ice maker.

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