Say 'I Do' to Beautiful Wedding Memory Displays

I was decorating to get a couple celebrating their wedding anniversary. From the process of sorting during their wedding photos, I believed ways to keep in mind a wedding day besides pictures or video. I wanted to come up with some simple and inexpensive design ideas that featured marriage details.

There are so many terrific things to observe and memories to preserve. If you have recently celebrated your big day, then give some of these ideas a go. And please share with us ways in which you have included memories within your house.

sarah & bendrix

Wedding artwork. Search for local artists or musicians on websites like Etsy which make personalized art. I love this paper heart idea. Ask the artist to produce the heart from a pamphlet out of your ceremony or a newspaper from your wedding . A wedding-day newspaper can also be used as matting to get a black and white wedding photo.

Kate Riley – Centsational Girl

Wedding vignette. Along with this beautiful wedding photo, add a candle from the wedding day, a box to get stored favors or something special from the ceremony on your vignette.


Accessories. Have your wedding photos made into stationery or desk accessories. Ideas that are personalized are provided by online sources.

Nic Darling

Wedding photos in regular spaces. Include photos in unexpected places, such as the kitchen.

Heather Merenda

Wedding outfits. Create a collage which includes whimsical wedding attire. The wedding outfits may or may not be real, however, the reference still works as a wedding.

Danenberg Design

Wedding-day meal. Designate a night once a month or every other month for cooking your wedding. If you truly want to go all out, then utilize your wedding china, serve a small version of your wedding cake and don’t forget the champagne.

Michelle Rees

Wedding jewelry. In the event that you wore special jewelry in your big day which could possibly be somewhat much for ordinary styles, display it instead. It is fun to exhibit costume jewellery such a way (but retain the good stuff somewhere safe). This is another adorable use of a dress kind; you could display hair or jewellery accessories.

Dreamy Whites

Wedding cushions. Have extra fabric or tulle out of your wedding decorations? Use it to make pom-poms or pillows.

Kasey Buick

Hatboxes. Stack hatboxes that hold mementos such as your veil, composed wedding vows or even a handkerchief.

Wedding gown. With the cost of wedding gowns these days, why shop yours away from the cupboard all the time? Go ahead: Exhibit your wedding gown on a dress form. A wedding gown or suit could be nicely displayed this way in a discreet corner or even a guest space.

Katie moss landscape layout

Plant a climbing rose. Have a gardener or garden-savvy buddy plant a climbing rose in your wedding day. If you reside in a house or an apartment with a small lawn in addition, this can be completed in containers. You will enjoy watching it grow more beautiful with every anniversary.

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