Saltbox Houses Pleasingly Pepper Landscapes

The Chinese philosopher Confucius is known for saying,”Life is really simple, but we insist on making it complicated.” The same is applicable to architecture, with saltbox homes being a rare and refreshing exception. A saltbox is a wood-framed home with one story in the back and two tales in the front. It generally offers a flat front elevation, a chimney and a steeply sloped rear roofline. Originally constructed in New England in the 1600s, saltboxes have simple lines and a strong design that continues to endure the test of time.

PC, moore Architects

The side elevation of this Virginia home exemplifies the saltbox’s distinctive roofline.

Habitat Post & Beam, Inc..

A saltbox home has one story in the trunk and two tales in the front.

Frank Shirley Architects

Saltbox homes are famous for their flat fronts.

Tim McCarthy Architect PC

This saltbox wood storage barn with board and batten siding looks ravishing in Sherwin-Williams’ Cape Cod Red SW3020.

Habitat Post & Beam, Inc..

Most saltbox homes feature a central chimney, which functions as a simple focal point.

Cornerstone Architects

Situated in the Pemberton Heights area of Austin, Texas, this house has material and colour palettes that honor the saltbox’s history.

Habitat Post & Beam, Inc..

The rear roofline of a saltbox home is steeply sloped.

Cornerstone Architects

A shed dormer replaces the traditional fundamental chimney focal point on this contemporary saltbox home.

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