Produce the Dining Room Enjoyable

Remember the days of super formal dining rooms, those you’re scared to step foot in? Thankfully, they’re less and less common, replaced by distances more informal and family-friendly. The key to these laid-back spaces is really all from the furnishings and the particulars: substituting stiff chairs with banquettes, mixing colorful placemats along with your stainless steel, or using stain-resistant upholstery so that the children can slurp their spaghetti. It is also about a sense of humor, and unexpected bits that will have people smiling throughout dinner.

Whether you are transitioning from an official space to a casual one, or wishing to add additional light-hearted details to your already-relaxed dining area, these goods and ideas will help you get in your way.


Ladies-In-Waiting Dinner Plate – $24

A bare, natural table is the perfect setting for some fun, and dinner plates are a fantastic way to kick off a chill mindset. These Ladies-In-Waiting dinner plates from Anthropologie are sure to receive your guests giggling.

Smith Brothers

Look at swapping out of your stuffy dining table for something more relaxed, like this conventional set in a light wood stain. It is a plus if your dining area and kitchen join as one open space: It helps keep everyone together while dinner is prepared.

West Elm

Oasis Dessert Plates – $32

Angel food cake on fish-motif dessert plates from West Elm? Why not! The juxtaposition is perfectly goofy.

Paper Source

Fantastic Moustaches Mug – $12.95

No need for the proper coffee cup and saucer in the casual dining table. Mix it up a bit with something really unexpected, like the Great Moustaches mug from Paper Source.

Elizabeth Dinkel

Tied cushions are a fast and inexpensive solution to making your dining table more relaxed. Choose a modern cloth in a bright shade to bring some light into the room. Your tablescape can carry the theme from there.

Placemats — Orange Birds – $17.50

Placemats can change the whole personality of your table. All these Orange Birds placemats from Art House Meath are sure to add color and spunk.

AphroChic Shop

AphroChic – The Beat Placemat – $25

Geometric designs are great contemporary accents which make any dinnerware pop up. I like this Beat placemat from AphroChic.


Donkey Products Knigge Rich Placemats (set of two) – EUR 24.95

Make fun of your discount for formal preferences in an obvious way with this routine placemat. Just don’t invite Emily Post to dinner!

If your budget allows, consider a more modern dining set. This will instantly update your distance and give it a more relaxed setting. These furnishings are often much more kid-friendly than conventional ones, and also the little ones don’t always wish to get relegated into the kids’ table. If ketchup hits one of these white chairs, it is going to vanish with the entrance of a napkin.


Custom Made Personalized Plate – $24

Now that you’ve encouraged the children, make it fun for them as at-home dining has now become for you. These personalized plates from a artist on Etsy might eventually help them give a little thought for their meal.

Design Public

Modern-twist Placemat: Kat in the City – $17

What is better than a spill-resistant placemat which also lets your children draw it? Potentially nothing. Your children will be entertained for hours (or at least a couple sacred minutes).

Spinnaker Development

Going more casual does not mean that you need to lose all the glamour. The key is getting the balance between the elegant and the regular, like a fabulous chandelier mixed with a natural wood table.

Su Casa Designs

Blend a conventional table with banquette seats. Your dining area will suddenly come to be the hippest booth in the city.


Lilliput Salt and Pepper Shaker Set by Alessi – $44

The final touches: little details with large senses of humor, like salt and pepper shakers. The Lilliput Salt and Pepper Shaker set features magnetic toes so that they can walk along the metal rod.


Sharks Salt and Pepper Shakers – $24

These shark pepper and salt shakers crack me up. How funny to locate one hiding behind the orange juice. Surprise!

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