How to Successfully Do Your Own Window Repair

Broken or cracked glass in windows can be dangerous, especially if there are small children and pets around. If this is the case, your home’s security is compromised and the glass is no longer weatherproof. If you don’t have the budget to conduct a full window installation, you can perform a temporary repair to ensure that the area remains safe.

Since a window replacement is much cheaper and simpler compared to replacing an entire window, we came up with a comprehensive guide on how you can perform a DIY window companies.

Note: window cleaning is only a temporary solution. You need to replace your broken windows to secure you, your entire family, and the belongings inside your home.

Common Window Problems

– Rattling or loose windows – Wood will expand and contract in fluctuating weather conditions, which means your windows may no longer fit their casements as they used to.
– Stuck windows – Stuck windows are common problems attributed to wooden windows. As you may already know, wood will expand and contract, making it hard for you to open your windows.
– Rotten window sill – Check if your window sill is rotten or is beginning to rot. If so, you need to replace it in order to prevent the rotting from spreading into the nearby wood.
– Stiff hinges – Are your windows’ hinges stiff or broken? If yes, they are preventing you from enjoying the beautiful weather outdoors because you can no longer open your windows.
– Shattered window – Is your window partially or completely shattered? Replace the glass.
– Torn window screen – Window screens help in keeping insects, dirt, and debris from invading your home. They also allow you to fearlessly open your windows and not worry about anything that might suddenly enter through them. Because screens are lightweight, they often tear or rip for various reasons.
– Broken window catch – A broken catch will prevent your windows from securely sealing and closing.

Tips on How to Do Your Own window repair

Are you experiencing any of the problems we outlined above? If so, consider the tips we have prepared for you below:

– Rattling or loose windows – Adjust the positions of the windows to repair them. If the adjustment needed is just a small movement, you also need to make adjustments with the fastener placement prior to attaching your windows back to solid wood.
– Stuck windows – A simple repair trick for stuck windows is rubbing candle wax on the stuck edges.
– Rotten window sill – A repair of a rotten window sill is possible and it’s quite easy if only a certain part of the window sill is rotting. You need to remove the rotten section, and then screw a new patch of wood in place. Plane it smooth so it will look presentable and as one.
– Stiff hinges – You can loosen the hinges of windows by using WD-40 or any low-viscosity oil.
– Shattered window – Shattered windows require replacements in order to guarantee the safety of your entire household.
– Torn window screen – If the screen is just slightly torn, buy a screen patch which is available at your local hardware store.
– Broken window catch – Using a screwdriver, pry the fixing cover off. After you remove it, replace the catch.