Guest Picks: Essentials for the Classic Garden

Once the snowflakes first appear I can not wait for spring and also for my backyard to start. Unfortunately, in New England that’s still a couple of months off, but at least I can start stocking up on fresh garden accessories! Here are some handy tools that were crafted with as much love and care as your backyard. — Justine From Design Skool

Burgon & Ball

Tool Rack – EUR 14.95

Organize your tools together with Burgon & Ball’s simple rack; it’s handy and attractive.

Creatures of Comfort

Floral Scissors – $175

Forged floral scissors are as graceful and organic as the flowers themselves. They are so beautiful, you might want to leave them out directly near the vase.

OBJECTS of Usage

Garden Trug

You worked hard to develop those flowers and vegetables; don’t harvest them in any old carry-all. Cradle them in timeless fashion with a wooden garden trug.

Brook Farm General Store

Trowel – $20

My favorite trowel — it’s marigold orange! It’s contemporary and timeless and won’t ever get lost in the weeds.


Hot-Pot BBQ – $124

What could be better for the urban gardener? When outside space is tight, no need to fear; the HotPot is an herb garden and barbecue all in one.

OBJECTS of Usage

Spade With Steps – EUR 75

I love the notion of tilling and digging into the garden with beautifully crafted spades. The one thing that would make them beautiful is some grime.


Moss Milkshake – $26

Almost there’s nothing more magical than moss, nevertheless it’s difficult to transplant and costly to buy. So I am eager to try this Moss Milkshake. Simply add water to create a 10- to 20-foot carpet of green tea.


Cloches are an powerful and lovely way to protect plants and promote growth. Plus, at the winter they may be used to protect your collectables inside.

OBJECTS of Usage

Garden Riddle – EUR 25

Garden sieves are helpful for separating pruning or rocks compost. These beauties are handcrafted in England from beautiful beechwood.


Blackboard Garden Labels – $14

There are lots of creative garden tags out there nowadays, but I favor this simple blackboard variety. Versatile, reusable, and they don’t compete with the blossoms!


HempCraft Hemp Twine, Green – $5.98

I do love traditional twine, but a bit more interesting are the vibrant hues by hempCRAFT. My favorite colors are this moss green and also the nasturtium orange. And they are equally helpful inside to adorn your gifts.

Hen & Hammock

Hazel Trellis – EUR 25

I really like an English garden — that the actual, rustic selection — attached to a country cottage. To me this simple, natural willow trellis is the essence of Old World design.

Burgon & Ball

Galvanized Waterfall Can – EUR 39.95

Nothing beats a traditional galvanized watering can with regards to utility and fashion.

Home Ecology

MVP Complete Compost Bin, Large – $220

Love your backyard and the whole Earth with a Maven compost bin. Easy and attractive, these ingenious bins enable you to compost everything — even meat and dairy. They are handmade in Vermont from sustainably harvested Cedar, which is also durable.


Dramm Colorstorm Garden Hose – $65.99

I just love this persimmon hose. It’s so much jollier than plain old green.


My Garden: A Five Year Journal – $19.95

Document your successes and “learning adventures” in this gorgeous garden diary. My favorite part: You can relive your backyard in these cold winter months.

Hen & Hammock

Bees Nest, Bee Log – EUR 17

Use this to provide a beautiful haven for those useful pollinators: bees!


Perseus Long Handled Rake – $198

Employ a tiny chemistry while you rake in design with this beautiful tool by Perseus. The copper head enriches the soil and deters slugs and snails while you work.


Garden Packsack, Big – EUR 17.90

I love these large nevertheless collapsible backyard buckets. They are so helpful for hauling leaves, and is not this vibrant green variety jolly?

Hen & Hammock

Mr. McGregor Gift Set for Children – EUR 9

For wee gardeners, Mr. McGregor’s garden kit even includes the rabbits.


K├╝fer Flower Tub – EUR 158

I am constantly watching for new pots that still possess a traditional feel. These beautiful tubs are made from weather-resistant acacia and stainless steel.

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