Crown Your Bathrooms With Unusual Garland

Decorating with bunting and garland is a cheap and easy method to add a splash of colour to your house. Whether you create it yourself or buy it from a shop on Etsy, it is certain to wake up your space. Homemade garlands are customizable and expressive. And the colour choices and combinations which may be made are endless.

The bunting fad took off with abandon several years ago, with the traditional flag-shaped pennant garland. Since then countless creative variations are crafted using everything from publication pages into mirrors. I promise you will be both surprised and pleased with the classicality and whimsy of the 13 garland and bunting examples I’ve piled up for you.

Which design has you reaching for your scissors and receiving your DIY on?

LLC, Cristi Holcombe Interiors

Felt-ball garlands can be made in a rainbow of colours. By using a fat needle, 2-centimeter felt chunks and a few ribbon, you can string them yourself.

Annalea Hart

The cloth choices are endless once you’re creating cloth flag bunting to your own house. Annalea Hart used more than 10 swatches to create the bunting for this room.


Add colour to your outdoor oasis with easy-to-string cloth pennant bunting.


Mirror Bunting Small Half-Circle Banner Garland by Fluxglass – $48

Fluxglass’ bunting is handmade from mirrored half-circles attached to brown twine.

Echelon Custom Homes

Bunting can be patriotic as well. This wee one supports his British ancestry with Union Jack pennants.

Kelly Donovan

Dolls love bunting, also. This creamy yellow crib is outfitted with a splash of colour.

Mustard Seed Interiors

No-sew cloth bunting looks fantastic hung over a bright window. You merely need a iron; yarn, jute or string; cloth scraps; scissors and a few Heat n Bond.

Stephanie Woody

Create holiday cheer with a seasonal term garland. Change the message each vacation.

Jeanette Lunde

Classic floral bunting is easy to get from the Etsy shop Merry-Go-Round.

Kelly Donovan

Felt polka dot garland is easy to create yourself. Using a circle template, cut sheets of felt into as many 21/2-inch bands as you desire. Then simply line the circles up and sew them down the centre using invisible thread. VoilĂ !

Ida Lifestyle

Ilaria Chiaratti crocheted the traditional flag-shaped pennant garland that hangs in her living room window. Buy Oeuf’s Flag Garland to get a similar look.

Get extra crafty and create a string of garland using the pages from a publication. For an added wow factor utilize an X-Acto knife to cut out the letters of your favorite word, saying or name.


Bunting can help drive a colour theme home. This mainly green and pink bedroom is enhanced with pink pennant bunting.

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