Colour: Taking Home the Gold

You understand how the recording artist, Prince, had a period when he called himself The Artist Previously Known as Prince? Well, I am the decorator equal, talking about myself as The Man That Once Despised Gold. For a long time, I Had hunt flea markets on a mission to rid the nation of my largest gold pet peeve: brass chandeliers that are conventional. There is something super dated to me about their end, but I absolutely adored their entire lines. To make them tolerably smart, I Had popout the suckers that are prime, the HVLP paint sprayer give ’em brand- new layers of black, white or red paint.

Two years, 20 jobs and a lot of knowledge afterwards, do I want I really could take away the paint from each and all of these luminary lovelies? Hell no. Do I repent by throwing nasties in the course of Gold wandering from The Goldenrule? Hell yes. The truth is, I finally possess a love for contemporary takes gold, particularly brass on. From wall panels to lighting to Brutalist sculpture, here are several instances of gold and brass match for the modernist homeowner:

Ok, so I understand it is maybe not NEW like, or something but gold and black areas activity sex appeal that is leading. This stream lined, contemporary workspace effectively breaks up its walls that are black with loaded pops of gold. I ‘d absolutely give one of these for those ILL dome pendants if I ‘d three kidneys.

Lisa Adams, LA Closet Design

Sure, a grand declaration is made by the frames of the oversize mirrors, but I I can not aid but believe I Had sense superrich every time I looked over myself

lorraine Pennington

Go forward, be Savage. It is undoubtedly making a tremendous revival with trend and with insides while Brutalism is not by any signifies the new kid on the block. The appearance of Brutalist brass sculpture is the precise reverse of the low-cost, contractor-level entrance chandelier that gave a poor reputation for a long time to the gold finish.


Hi. Remember once I mentioned my paint- period including conventional chandeliers? Consider this Show A.


The bright red light above my roof top table can be called Exhibit B. I nevertheless uphold this thought. In the event the brass of an otherwise well made chandelier ain’t overly purdy, paint it. By sporting it elsewhere, you always have the option to take the gold.

devrai style

In addition, it provides wonderful form and feel to an otherwise tame touchdown while this wall therapy gets the touch. Viva manhattan project Brass!

Sure, it is simply a small touch, but the depth of the sconces provides understated beauty to the vignette.


I do not know what the hell this fixture is created of — fool or bronze or brass —but it is wanted by me. NOW.

Griffin Enright Architects

Now THIS is precisely what I call a Goldrush….mmkay? A swift upward look in this contemporary Malibu house may frequently lead to an 18-karat head rush. The fixture consists of seagrass embedded in ecofriendly resin illuminated from behind with a concealed lightbox. This intense focal level ain’t little both; Large Momma is 35 feet long…the breadth of my WHOLE Atlanta house. * Suspiration*