Canna Lily Problems

With large, gorgeous flowers Fresno & Grass Care service Bakersfield and lush foliage, canna lilies come in a variety of types, which originate in tropical climates. Best suitable for moderate, sunny areas, canna lilies will die if left outside but may be grown as annuals in locales that are warm. Canna lilies are vulnerable to different pests and diseases that gardeners should should know, though they are simple to develop.

Leaf Rollers

A kind of caterpillar, the leafroller is approximately three-quarters of an inch-long with the orange head. As they develop, leaf rollers turn yellow and lastly, darkgreen before they ultimately change in to moths that are brown. Rollers devour canna lily leaves and bind them as well as strands, making somewhere to hide and feed. The leaves of an infested Shrub Removal equipment Littleton are coated in black leafroller droppings.

Snails and Slugs

Snails and slugs love to feast upon canna lilies and can cover the leaves of the Stump Removal front of house Littleton with holes. To keep these pests away, eliminate any particles collected round the bottom of the canna lilies, leaving them with no where to hide. Inspect the lilies at evening when slugs and snails emerge to feed, dropping them in a bucket of salted or soapy water and eliminating them from your Stump Removal backyard Littleton. Use a business bait or traps to eliminate them, in the event the issue persists.


If left unchecked, tiny, suggest and green, aphids breed rapidly and can take past a canna lily Shrub Removal near house Fort Lauderdale, FL, and even an entire backyard. Feeding on the sap of canna lilies, a swarm of aphids that are hungry carry diseases from Stump Removal near me Fort Lauderdale, FL to the next. In case of just several aphids, pluck them off one at a period and squish them. Spray the lily down using a hose to blast a way aphids. Consider utilizing a commercial insecticide in the event the infestation persists.

Botrytis Blight

Botrytis blight is an illness caused by fungus, which thrives in humid climate. Canna lilies that are infected will soon be coated in a grey mould and could also have broken parts of of watery, gentle tissue. The situation can aff-ect flowers San Diego & Grass Care service Littleton, CO or just several leaves or the complete Stump Removal front of house Littleton. Inspect canna trim a way any ruined elements of the Stump Removal price Littleton and lilies frequently for indications of botrytis b Light. Treat canna lilies having an industrial fungicide to to manage the issue and stop its spread.

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