12 Ways with Mirrors

Time to bust out the Windex! I swear I’m not (too) vain, however lately I’ve discovered myself tinkering with glee in a multitude of mirrors. It’s not my reflection I’m enamored of, but instead the substance’s myriad software in and around the home. If you think a mirror belongs only at a framework, consider again. These spaces will have you imagining all sorts of areas to gain just a small reflection.

David Churchill – Architectural Photographer

A mirrored fireplace surround looks so lavish, and this fancy version even hides the firebox if it’s not in use.

Susan Diana Harris Interior Design

Mirrored closet doors usually get a bad rap, but let’s not confuse this sleek system with those gold-trimmed sliding amounts from flats past. The storage unit also helps to visually enlarge this tiny studio.


This minimum bedroom also feels much more expansive thanks to a wall of mirrors. And judging by the seams, I guess this one harbors a storage space too.

Mark English Architects, AIA

Mirrors work wonders as a backsplash for two reasons: one, they are easy to wipe down after a cooking mishap (recall what I said about that Windex?) , and two, you are able to discretely check if there is anything on your teeth whilst entertaining.

Forum Phi Architecture | Interiors | Planning

Again, a wall of mirrors, like the tiled one here, does miracles to the area’s perceived size.

Jamie Laubhan-Oliver

On a smaller scale, these modest mirror-like tiles make for a beautifully shimmering backsplash.

Mirrors with an aged patina work well if you want a milder effect.


While the closer wall shown here is plaster, the far wall behind the bed is actually a mirrored backdrop using a wire mesh drape facing. Such a echoes the texture of the plaster, but provides more reflected lighting.

Home Systems , Wendi Zampino

Mirror-fronted cabinets look like glassbut with the additional advantage of keeping unsightly contents hidden.


Use a couple of mirror fronts to split up a sizable part of cabinets in kitchen.

BergDesign Architects

Or go all-mirror for your overheads.

Elizabeth Gordon

I’ve seen plenty of mirrored furniture, however, this is the first four-poster bed I remember. I love the way that it shines from the shine of the lights that are nearby.

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