12 Fantastic Kitchen Styles — That One's for You?

Style is easier to recognize with your eyes than with words : You know it when you see it, along with the photograph that inspires you can often surprise you. Think you know that your kitchen style? Have a look at these guides into a dozen favorite kitchen design themes, then tell us that one takes the cake.

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Farmhouse kitchens. Warm and homey farmhouses anchored a lifetime on the land, and they still provide excellent functionality and comfort. Their spacious shelving, broad sinks, classic floor and large kitchen table make them simple to work in and easy to love.

Guide: 8 Elements of a Farmhouse Kitchen

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Rustic kitchens. “Worn,” “distressed” and “rough hewn” might not be the very first words that come to mind when we consider kitchens. But today rustic kitchens rival the classic white kitchen popularity — thanks for their timber, rock, brick, vintage fireplaces and appliances.

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Modern kitchens. Definitions of “contemporary” vary widely, but once we think of contemporary kitchen designs, we often consider frameless cabinets, slick and easy hardware, strong horizontal lines and a lack of ornamentation, together with the natural elegance of these substances shining through.

Guide: 8 Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen


Traditional kitchens. Traditional kitchens are characterized by their particulars, which may include arches, decorative moldings and corbels, raised-panel cabinets, a mix of antique finishes and furniture-like turned legs a chandelier. Whether they have a classic American or old-world flavor, they still carry the stamp of their owners’ personal personality.

Guide: 15 Elements of a Traditional Kitchen

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Contemporary kitchens. Contemporary kitchens can be very slick, but while a purely modern kitchen often celebrates structure and grid, a modern kitchen is often more playful in form and finishes, such as elements of other styles and producing its own manifestation of the times.

Guide: 6 Elements of a Contemporary Kitchen

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Transitional kitchens. Think about a transitional kitchen because the fantastic moderator. Together with the welcome and warmth of traditional design and the clean, simple lines of modern style, transitional spaces project equilibrium and harmony. Because they offer a great deal of flexibility, they’re a fantastic pick for homeowners whose preference spans the two.

Guide: 8 Elements of a Transitional Kitchen

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Craftsman kitchens. Craftsman style arose in the early 20th century as a response to the mass-produced fussiness of the Victorian era. Its rich woods, built-ins, handmade tiles and well-made simplicity continue to appeal.

Guide: 8 Elements of a Craftsman Kitchen

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Cottage kitchens. Cozy, joyful and unpretentious, a cabin kitchen harks back to simpler times and evokes a feeling of simple, carefree living. Beadboard, soft colors, vintage hardware, wood floors and colorful accents and curtains will infuse your kitchen using cabin comfort.

Guide: 8 Elements of a Cottage Kitchen


Paris bistro kitchens. If you long for a sugar-laced cafĂ© au lait on Rue Monmartre, why don’t you bring a little Parisian style into your residence? Gourmet kitchen light, fairly cookware on screen, tile floors and a striped finish ought to take action.

Guide: 9 Ways to Conjure a Parisian Bistro On Your Own Kitchen

Classic kitchens. What’s classic? The answer is as varied as cooks are. Nevertheless, white or cream kitchen cabinets, easy architectural particulars and black accents offer a blank slate that homeowners may customize with modern, traditional and eclectic touches as they see fit.

Guide: 8 Elements of Classic Kitchen Style

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Mediterranean-style kitchens. Flared hoods, hand-painted tile, warm wood cabinets, beamed ceilings and arched cooking alcoves are just some of the features that put Spanish revival kitchens around the most-wanted list.

Guide: 8 Elements of a Mediterranean Kitchen

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Eclectic kitchens. Do you rebel against styles and refuse pigeonholes? It is your home; you can mix and match to your different kitchen style but you please. The trick: Be a rebel using a cause. Get ideas for a very personal kitchen, with touches of contemporary and rustic styles, well-traveled flair, humor and irreverence.

Guide: 10 Elements of an Eclectic Kitchen

What is your kitchen style? Please post a photograph below!

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